Uechi Ryu and Brazilian Ju Jitsu Seminar a Huge Success!

On Saturday February 10th Shihan Kevin Linehan 5th dan taught a fantastic seminar based on a combination of Uechi Ryu and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

The class was very high energy and by the end, everyone was sweating and smiling. Everyone had a good, strong workout.   There were 20 people on the floor training and about 10 spectators.

Kevin cross trains in Brazilian Ju Jitsu.  Kevin has blended his Uechi Ryu and Brazilian Ju Jitsu together and developed a unique combination of the two arts together to increase one’s self-defense.

I would like to thank Kevin for teaching this seminar and passing his knowledge and expertise on to so many Uechi Ryu practitioners that attended from multiple dojos – In and out of our association.

Don’t miss out on our next seminar. Everyone is welcome to attend our seminars.

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