Member Bio Tim Ford

Master Sensei Tim Ford

  • Cambridge Uechi Ryu karate school, Cambridge, MA 02141 (USA).
  • Started training in Uechi Ryu: 1969
  • Received 1st degree black belt (shodan): 1975
  • Received 10th degree black belt (hansi sai): 2023
  • Owns active dojo in Cambridge, MA since 1976 (47 years).
  • Actively training for 54 years.
  • Holds multiple master teaching certificates in Uechi Ryu.
  • Trained under Sensei George Mattson and Sensei Bob Campbell.
  • Inducted into the Uechi Ryu Hall of Fame.
  • Competed on the Mattson Academy competition karate team (boston).
  • Okinawan weapons training under Bob Campbell
  • Taught seminars at various karate camps and dojos for over 50 years. 
  • Sr. Member / Ambassador of Uechi International
  • New Title – Executive Vice President Uechi International

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