UIKA Membership

The Uechi-ryu International Karate Association welcomes Senior Members & Dojo Members.  The annual fee for a senior or dojo membership is $150.

Benefits of membership

  • Associate members of UIKA have their rank certified by the Association. Plus they are part of an international community of Uechi-Ryu practitioners. Students of a member Dojo are associate members as long as they remain students of the Dojo and the Dojo remains as a Senior/Dojo member of the Association.
  • Senior members have the benefits of Association membership plus the fee is waived for all seminars and events EXCEPT the Annual Fall Banquet. Senior membership is offered for karateka at any Dan rank.
  • Senior/Dojo members have all of the benefits of a senior member. Plus, the Association will certify rank for their students, and their students are autmatically Associate members of the Association.

Senior members must adhere to the following rules

  1. Yearly Membership Dues of $150 (USD) is payable each calendar year by January 30.
  2. Members are required to have a direct sensei or senior within Uechi International who will oversee all training and nominate the member for promotions issued by the Association.
  3. Members may not be a member of any other Uechi-Ryu organization.
  4. All Senior/Dojo members are required to test all their “Adult” Uechi-Ryu Black Belt students through Uechi International.

Contact us at uechi.international@yahoo.com

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