Instructor:  Mike Hurney

 I’m looking forward to Share some Martial Arts Experience in a Standard class where we’ll go through:

  • The 22 Uechi (Ingenious) Flexibility Exercises.
  • Important Arm and Leg Conditioning.
  • 6 of the Uechi (intuitive) Katas that combine Defense with Offense.
  • and the Resourceful Kyu Kumite, maybe even Dan Kumite!

THEN –  To get you in and out of Trouble I’ll be stressing your AWARENESS!
(Reading people to identify a situation Which will also help you in your daily life and interactions)

  • TECHNIQUES, when Mastered, that will insure you survive. Too many of us are Overconfident from the One Step Sparring we’ve been taught.
  • What’s THE most effective Block we inherently know as Babies but somehow don’t ever use anymore.
  • What have you personally had Trouble with AND we’ll solve that problem FAST!
  • How to Respond to trouble Immediately! with Different Drills you should be practicing DAILY.

Instructor: Mike Hurney 8th dan.
Date: Sunday March 3rd.
Time: 10 am to 11:30 am.
Location: Tim Ford Dojo, 105 Spring St, Cambridge MA.  (East End House) Brick Building Rec Center. Parking is limited.
Note – All UIKA Dojo and Seniors Members are admitted free of charge. All others pay a $20 participation fee.
Payment – Pay the $20 mat fee at the door to Jay or Anita Salhanick.

Seminar rules:
Clean Gi, or T-Shirts and shorts for this one seminar only.
No Sweat suits.
All ranks welcome.
Please register early to secure a spot.

To register, fill out the contact form or email Jay Salhanick directly at