Master Sensei Jon Cierri's Promotion to 10th Degree

To All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Master Sensei Jon Cierri has been unanimously selected by all senior officers and 9th degree black belt members of the Uechi-Ryu International Karate Association to receive the highest and most prestigious award in all of martial arts.

On January 12th, 2019 Master Sensei Jon Cierri will be presented by the Uechi Ryu International Karate Association the rank of Judan, 10th Degree Black Belt.

Along with this prestigious rank, comes a special title with all the privelages that the rank and title hold, such as the wearing of 5 gold stripes on his belt, along with the title of Hanshi Sai (Grand Master). He will also hold the title of Senior Technical Advisor to Uechi International.

This special honor and achievement is not given or awarded very often. This is an extremely rare event that takes place in all of martial arts. This honor is bestowed upon a very select few. In choosing this recipient, several factors are taken into consideration, such as demonstrating a lifetime of exceptional training, teaching, leadership, courage, knowledge and understanding of Uechi-Ryu at the highest levels along with a devotion to all his peers. Jon started his Uechi-Ryu training in 1967 and has over 50 contiuous years of training. In his youth and over the years, he completed the following accomplishments, to name a few: Uechi-Ryu International Karate Association Ambassador, Golden Gloves Boxer, NEKRA, KRANE Referee, Board of Directors KRANE, multiple training trips to Okinawa and other parts of the world.

Cierri has also given a lifetime of duty. First, as a United States Marine, and also retired as a Boston Police Officer, where he held numerous senior officer ranking positions, such as, Patrolman, Sr. Motorcycle Officer, and multiple other leadership positions. In addition to his leadership and training positions, Cierri has been acknowledged by numerous martial arts associations for his outstanding skills and leadership.

We at Uechi International are honored and pleased to announce the promotion of Master Sensei Jon Cierri to Judan - 10th degree black belt.

Thank you,

Jay Salhanick 9th dan
Uechi International Vice Chairman/President

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