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Please Read Carefully:

Uechi International is announcing that we have put in place and implemented a new Sr. Master Level Test Board. Starting in January 2019, this new Master Level Test Board, will oversee all Black Belt testing for - 6th dan and above. Please let me outline the Test Board and the new 6th dan and above testing process. I will also schedule a general meeting (if required) that all Sensei's and instructors will be invited to attend.

Part 1: The Sr. Master Test Board

Test Board Members:

Starting in January of 2019, this new Master Test Board will oversee all promotions from 6th dan and above.
The current promotional system in place will remain in effect for the remainder of the year 2018.

Step 2: The Pretest - Prerequisites to all testing 6th dan and above.

The candidate must meet the following criteria:

All candidates who pretest or test attend on the following:

Note: Any candidate that shows up to a pretest or test without:

WILL NOT BE TESTED. If that happens, this will be the fault of the Sensei of the dojo - NOT the Board. It is the dojo Sensei that is responsible to make sure their student is full prepared.

Step 3: Pretest: the Actual Pretest itself.

Step 4: The Association Test:

Step 5: New - 6th to 9th Testing time and Time in Grade:

Note: The Sr. Test Board has the flexibility and authority to modify all testing standards.

Note: There will be special considerations for all Dojo Senseis, that own and operate a dojo.

Note: 10th dan test:

PS - I am in the process of designing this same procedure for 1st to 5th dan. I will be putting together a new and different test board for 1st - 5th.

If I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jay Salhanick
Vice Chairman
Uechi International

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