Welcome Our Newest Member

On behalf of Uechi International Chairman: Robert J. Campbell and Uechi International President: Jay Salhanick, we are very pleased to announce that Bill Ng has been appointed to the official position of The Uechi Ryu International Karate Association Official Representative & Ambassador for Hong Kong

Sensei Bill Ng is a direct student of Chairman Robert Campbell and has many years of extensive martial arts training and expertise in a variety of martial art systems. Bill is very well known and respected throughout the Southern China Martial Art Community and is a martial arts historian. He has studied and researched the true origins of multiple martial arts systems. Bill has a very analytical and fact-based mind when it comes to the martial arts. Bill researches the “Facts and Truth” of martial arts more than the folklore of martial arts.That is one reason his findings are accepted by all martial art associations within the Southern China Martial Art Community Bill is well known and respected throughout the Southern China Martial Art Community for his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the root systems of martial arts, and his ability to speak multiple Asian languages for translation into English. He also brings his excitement and enthusiasm to this distinguished position of Official Representative for Hong Kong. Bill will be our official representative in Hong Kong, attending multiple events in the name of Uechi International. Chairman Robert Campbell and President Jay Salhanick look forward to working with Bill Sensei for future years to come.

Biography of Bill Ng

It is my honor and pleasure to be a member of the Uechi Ryu International Karate-Do Association (UIKA) under the leadership of Master Sensei and Chairman: Robert J. Campbell.

Jay Sensei, you may remember the first time I reached out to your association Uechi International, several years ago, on or around October 2010. Prior to that, I searched for Uechi Ryu in Hong Kong at least 10 years ago and could not find it. However, I failed to search for the website named Uechi Ryu International Karate Association. However, once I finally located the website, I contacted you the Uechi International President- Jay Salhanick.Jay sensei helped me by putting me in direct contact with the Greatest Sensei I have ever met – Robert J. Campbell. Once I met and started my training with Sensei Campbell, I realized even with all my past Martial Art training, it made me clearly understand that Uechi Ryu is the most special Karate style and my personal preference for my future study.

I had my first training with Sensei Campbell in 2011, which was 6-7 years ago.This training opened my eyes and I truly started to learn and understand Sensei’s insights of Tiger Uechi Ryu which includes techniques from Sensei’s Timing Hands concepts.

I am just a novice in Tiger Uechi Ryu with the Timing Hands concept, however, I truly love it…! For the Timing Hands concept itself, when one understands its principle and projection, it could be applied to any Martial Arts system.It could be included to increase the power and accurately along with its practical street wise techniques.

As for Uechi Ryu, we could have the Kata and the movements to practice, practice and practice alone and with our partners, and to have unlimited possibilities for the development of the arts.One of the most important aspects that Sensei taught me was to be open-minded in Martial Arts.

I am very lucky to have found you, Sensei Jay, by having you as the President of Uechi International and the guardian of the gate of Uechi International. You opened the gate to me and forwarded my email to Sensei Campbell. If it was not for you, I would have lost my great, great chance to meet and study with Sensei Campbell. Also being accepted as a member of this great association, I am sincerely grateful to you for all your help and support.

I am also very grateful for my appointment, as the Uechi International representative to Hong Kong. I will keep learning all the time and practicing my training. I hope one day in the future after my growth for years, I could humbly share some of my opinions in Martial Arts to all our Uechi Family in our Newsletter, or somewhere I could travel to as the Uechi International Representative and Ambassador.

Lastly, may I wish you and our entire Uechi Family Every Success along with Good Health Always.

Best regards,
Bill Ng
Official Representative and Ambassador: Hong Kong (PRC).
Uechi Ryu International Karate Association

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