About UIKA - Membership

Uechi-Ryū International Membership Rules for Senior & Dojo Members

  1. Yearly membership dues are $150 payable each calendar year by January 30th
  2. Members are only allowed to be a part of one Uechi-Ryū association - Uechi International
    • Members are free to belong to any number of non-Uechi organizations
  3. All Senior & Dojo Members are required to have a direct Sensei within Uechi International. No Senseis belonging to other organizations will be authorized.
    • For new members a list of senior instructors will be provided
    • Once an instructor is selected, the instructor must also agree to take on that student and oversee their training at all levels of Uechi-Ryū
  4. All adult dan rank testing will be through Uechi International only.
    • All Adult Uechi Ryu black belt testing will be through and sanctioned by Uechi International first and foremost
    • Once the member has tested and passed the Uechi International Black Belt test.
    • Our association is based on trust and mutual respect

For Dojos and Senior Students wishing to join, please fill out this form and email to admin@uechi-international.com