Biography of Master Sensei Jay Salhanick

Jay Salhanick

Jay Salhanick

Jay Salhanick holds the rank of 9th degree black belt and has been a student of the Okinawan karate system known as Uechi-Ryu, along with other forms of martial arts, since 1969. Sensei Salhanick started his karate training at the age of 13 and attended the children's classes at the "Mattson Academy of Karate" located in Boston MA. His instructor (Sensei), in those children's classes, is the same sensei he has to this day – Robert J. Campbell – 9th degree black belt, and Chairman of the Uechi Ryu International Karate Association. Salhanick has had the honor and privilege of training under world renowned Master Instructor Robert J. Campbell, in addition to attending the Mattson Academy of Karate of Boston.

While attending the Mattson Academy, he also had the honor of training and attending classes taught by other notable Uechi Ryu master instructors such as Master Senseis George Mattson, Van Canna, Arthur Rebesa, Jim Maloney, Walter Mattson, Arthur (Buzz) Durkin, Robert Bethoney, Clarence Von Wilder, to name a few. Salhanick also had the great honor of attending Master Kanei Uechi and Master Ryuko Tomoyose’s seminars and classes held at the Thompson's Island summer camps, hosted by Master George Mattson throughout the 80's. In addition, Sensei Salhanick has attended many seminars over the years taught by master instructors from Okinawa. Such as notable Okinawan master instructors: Grand Master’s Kanei Uechi, Master Ryuko Tomoyose as well as Master Instructors: Takara, Takamiyagi, Higa, Omine, Nakamatsu, Yonamini, and Master Shinjo.

Sensei Salhanick, while he was in the pursuit of knowledge and experience, also had the honor of cross training with many great master instructors from a variety of other martial art systems. He attended classes and seminars taught by such internationally known and respected master instructors such as: Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, George Dillman, Billy Blanks, Ed Parker, Chuck Norris, Nick Cerio, Steven Hayes, Kang Rhee, Bill Hayes, Joe Campesi, Lou Lazott, and many

In 1979, Salhanick went into the United States Marine Corps (1979 – 88). While in the Marines, Salhanick requested many times to be stationed on Okinawa so he could further his karate training at the head dojo operated by Master Kanei Uechi himself. However, in the Marine Corps' infinite wisdom, his request was always denied. However, he made the very best of being stationed in other areas of the United States. While he was stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at night Sensei Salhanick attended fighting seminars at the Chuck Norris Karate School located in Virginia Beach. Then while stationed in North Carolina, he attended classes with Master Bill Hayes. Note: Master Bill Hayes is the creator of the "Marine Corp Martial Art program". Then in the 1980s one of the greatest tournament point fighters of all time moved to Massachusetts, world champion Billy Blanks (Tae Bo). Once Salhanick returned home from the Marine Corp, he realized the opportunity he had at that time. He had one of the great tournament point fighters of all time in his own back yard. So he went and joined Billy Blanks' dojo and attended Billy Blanks' sparring classes on a regular basics.

Sensei Salhanick and his close friend and fellow Uechi Sensei, Joe Pepicelli (Tactical and SWAT Police Officer) decided to become partners and together opened a dojo in 1985. It was named "The Boston Karate Academy" and it was located in the North End section of Boston. After a while the dojo was in full operation, Sensei Pepicelli took over full operation of the Boston dojo. Sensei Salhanick then opened another dojo in Medford MA. The name of the new dojo was the "Traditional Uechi-Ryu Karate Institute". The dojo was in Medford a few years and then moved to a new location in Boston. A short time later, Sensei Salhanick took over the karate program at the University of Massachusetts – Boston, which Salhanick taught for 10 years. After a while, Sensei Salhanick, and his wife Anita, decided to get into promoting of martial art tournaments. They started producing a major karate tournament, and named it the “New England Regional Karate Championships." This was a rated tournament by all the major martial art rating services of the time. Such as NASKA, KRANE, PKL, and the NBL. They ran this event for several years, until Sensei Salhanick decided to retire from the tournament scene.

Salhanick’s notes of interest:
  • Graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Technology and Business Management.
  • Very proud United States Marine (1979-1988).
  • Vice Chairman / President of the Uechi Ryu International Karate Association.
  • Police Officer / Deputy Sheriff in the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department.
  • President – Plymouth County Police Officers Association, in 2015 and is still serving in that capacity.
  • Actively teaches classes, seminars, and close quarter self-defense to students of all ages,and specialized groups.
Sensei Salhanick 's Rank Biography:
  • Started Uechi Ryu 1969
  • 1st degree black belt (Shodan in 1979)
  • 2nd degree black belt (Nidan 1983)
  • 3rd degree black belt (Sandan 1986)
  • 4th degree black belt (Yondan 1992)
  • 5th degree black belt (Godan 1996)
  • 6th degree black belt (Renshi 2001)
  • 7th degree black belt (Kyoshi 2004)
  • 8th degree black belt (Hanshi 2010)
  • 9th degree black belt (Hanshi Sai 2015)
  • Renshi master’s Teaching Certificate Uechi Ryu International - 2001
  • Kyoshi master’s Teaching Certificate Uechi Ryu International - 2004
  • Hanshi master’s Teaching Certificate Uechi Ryu Uechi Ryu International – 2010
  • Hanshi Sai master’s Teaching Certificate Uechi Ryu Uechi Ryu International – 2015
  • Shidoin Instructor's Teaching Certificate Okinawan Uechi Association - 1993
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate Okinawa Uechi Association – Okinawa 1996
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate Uechi Ryu International – 1996
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate Uechi Ryu Karate Association Okinawa - 2001
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate (IUKF) - 2003
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate Okikukai Karate Association Okinawa Japan
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate Shohei Ryu Karate Association Okinawa Japan
  • Shihan Senior Teaching Certificate International Kenpo Association Master Nick Cerio.
  • Specialist Japanese & Chinese Martial Art Weaponry – 2003 (IUKF)
  • Specialist Tournament Official – 2003 (IUKF)
  • Specialist Tournament Administrator and Coordinator – 2003 (IUKF)
Sensei Salhanick’s Tournament Experience:
  • Salhanick was active on the regional and national circuit throughout North America.
  • Member Mattson Academy Competition and Demo Team coached by Robert Campbell.
  • Competed nationally in Kata, Weapons, and Kumite (Free Style Fighting).
  • Placed 1st – 3rd consistently for years, in a number of tournaments throughout the USA.
  • 1979, won the KRANE Massachusetts State Kata and Weapons Championships.
  • 4 time member of the Marine Corp National Karate team – Cherry Point North Carolina
  • 2 time winner of the black belt heavyweight Marine Corp freestyle fighting championship.
  • Head Coach of the University of Massachusetts Boston Karate team.
  • Certified head tournament official from NASKA; KRANE; NBL; PKL; Budweiser National Karate Team; Atlantic National Karate Team.
Notes: Sensei Salhanick can be found in:
  • Hall of Fame inductee Uechi Ryu International Karate Association
  • Who’s who in American Martial Arts – Third Edition.
  • Named to the "Marine Corp National Karate Team – 4 times
  • Received "Outstanding Referee" awards from KRANE, NASKA, PKL, and NBL.
  • Promoter of the "New England Regional Karate Championships"
  • Received the "Presidential Sports Award" for excellence in Karate 5 times
Professional Affiliations:
  • President: Plymouth County Police Officers Association
  • Vice Chairman / President: Uechi Ryu International Karate Association
  • Master Mason: Weymouth United Lodge
  • Master Mason: Ezekiel Bates Lodge
  • Master Mason: Valley of Boston Lodge
  • 32nd Degree Mason: Valley of Boston Lodge Scottish Right.
  • Bridgewater Ma Veterans Club: United States Marine Corp
  • United States Marine Corp Association: General Member

Jay Salhanick
9th Degree Black Belt
Vice Chairman / President
Uechi Ryu International Karate Association

Note: All rank, titles, awards, and listed accomplishments are verifiable through Sensei Salhanick’s teacher Master Instructor Robert J. Campbell, United States Marine Corp, University of Massachusetts, Grand Order of Free Masons, Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and the Plymouth Country Police Officers Association.